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If you are fond of music, you do not only want to venture into singing. You will be happy to try playing some stringed instruments. You have tried learning how to play guitar and ukulele. You find it very awesome. Hence, you like to try learning another stringed instrument. You have thought of learning viola this time. Giving it a try would mean growth for you because you have already ventured into playing various instruments. You need the right teacher for this to happen. Since you are looking for the finest viola teacher, you better visit the official website of Doris Lederer.

Upon browsing, you will immediately find the picture of Doris holding the instrument. In fact, you will find her amazing because you can watch a video that shows her performing with the Czech Philharmonic. It only shows that Doris is not a newbie in the field. She has experienced how it is to perform in front of a crowd. She will not only teach you precision in holding and manipulating your instrument. She will teach you how to be courageous when facing so many people during the actual performance.

You will appreciate her more because she does not only allure you with her looks and personality. She is a Curtis Institute of Music graduate which means that all that she learned was not about street experience. She has the qualifications to teach you well. Just imagine how it is to perform at Marlboro Music Festival. You have not tried it though, but Doris can assure you she can make a way for you to establish a good career in the entertainment industry. You must have thought that she performed solo in various orchestras. It is indeed right. What is more exciting is that she can also make it happen for you.

Besides, she is not just a popular performer. She is indeed an internationally acclaimed personality. If you want to listen to her albums, she will allow you so during the training. In fact, she has four solo CD albums. One of those albums includes viola music by early twentieth-century English composers. If you want to search about Centaur Records, you will even be glad to know that they acknowledge their partnership with Doris. You would also like to be part of Doris’s class because she is a conservatory viola teacher. It means that she is known to be a Professor of Viola at Shenandoah Conservatory. If you stay somewhere in Winchester, VA, you better communicate with them.

It will be a pleasant surprise for you to be working with the Director of Chamber Music. It only shows that you are in good hands because your teacher is not a neophyte in the industry. If you want to witness one of her sessions, you better click the video posted by Shenandoah Conservatory. You will be pleased to see how the talent was trained. If you want to enroll, you better contact them now. They will coordinate with you on how to be part of her class.

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